Saturday, January 08, 2011

More Winter Weather

The talking heads are saying we will have a pretty good winter storm tomorrow night. That will make two so far this winter and there are a lot of winters we don't get snow at all. According to the TV we might see six inches here north of Atlanta but the bad part is that is is supposed to turn to freezing rain on Monday. The ice is what really sucks. I have to work today, Sunday and Monday and tomorrow and Monday are all early starts. Monday will be the challenge. If there is a lot of snow and ice the ten miles or so to the workplace will be tough. All main surface streets but a couple of nice hills along the way. My Hyundai, with front wheel drive and traction control, is pretty good in the snow but I worry about the idiots that aren't too swift at driving in snow and ice. It's really a zoo here in Atlanta when we get snow.

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