Friday, January 14, 2011

Hunkered Down

I know it has been quiet around these parts but I have worked a couple of days but otherwise Madam and I have just hunkered down. I did a little cooking...cheese souffle, meatballs, pizza, kept the birds in suet and seed and all of that. We got in quite a few games of Scrabble and watched a few movies. Nothing earth shattering.

Been reading all the stuff about Tuscon, Australia, Brazil and every thing else that seems to going awry. Glad to see the moose princess managed to put just a little more distance between her and any suspicion of intelligence or civility and the President probably made his best speech since taking the White House. Just amazed at the insanity that is evidently running rampant in Arizona where Glock sails have skyrocketed since the tragedy. WTF?

One of my regular customers is Aussie and he has been giving me the inside dope on the flooding. The pictures we are seeing here aren't doing the misery being experienced justice. Bad show all around.

Brazil's tragedy is even worse and expected to get even more so. Thousands missing.

Atlanta is slowly digging out from the winter storm...schools still closed and the roads are still spotty with snow and black ice. If you are careful no problems. It should get into the 40's today and tomorrow and that should help a lot.

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