Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Glorious Fall Day

I took advantage of another beautiful day and got a lot of clean up done in the garden. All the peppers are out as are the okra trees(seriously). Believe it or not I still found a peck of peppers as I pulled up the plants even after the huge harvest a couple of days ago. Big pile of stuff to compost but I'll wait to drag out the chipper until I am done making piles.

Tomorrow is my first actual day in the new part time gig. We'll see how that goes. Only orientation and training but it is actually going to be on the clock. The last time I earned this low a wage was when I first went in the Navy back in the mid sixties as a seaman apprentice but I am actually looking forward to getting out and about. It is not in a cubicle nor does it require travel and weeks away from home which is a good thing. Now that winter is just about here and all the gardening chores are not part of the daily routine I need something to keep my brain working. As I said, Madam was beginning to accuse me of getting "hermity". What is sort of funny is that my new employer actually paid me(my company) about 30 times more an hour just three years ago for my expertise. It is to laugh.

I did go out and get a flu shot today in preparation for interacting with the public on a daily basis...better safe than sorry.

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