Sunday, November 21, 2010

Necessary Reading

Barbara at Mahablog has rounded up some necessary reading for us all that fleshes out her post on the doings of the GOP. The thrust of it all is that it has become obvious to most everybody that if you set out to purposely destroy the U.S. you couldn't do much better than what the GOP is doing now and planning to do in the near future. They want the President to fail so badly that they are willing to bring the nation down to accomplish their goals. It is the elephant in the room and I don't know whether it is going to get the treatment it deserves in the MSM.

This is important, and it relates to the recent post “Failure Is the GOP’s Only Option.” Please read:

Steve Benen, “None Dare Call It Sabotage.”
Kevn Drum, “The Liberal Noise Machine.”
Brad DeLong, “Paul Krugman on the Axis of Depression.”
BooMan, “Cynical or Crazy?

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