Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes the First Frost Treat

One of the things about having your first frost of the season is that it forces you do pick all of the green tomatoes still hanging around. Once the vine has been frosted and is dying the tomatoes won't grow any more and a hard freeze will ruin them as well. The highlight is that you are forced to do something with them and around chez Monk the answer is Fried Green Tomatoes which both Madam and I love. You can follow the link to my recipe but there are hundreds available around the tubes. For all you non southerners and Europeans that stop in here I would encourage you to give them a try if you have never had them. When properly prepared they are crunchy on the outside and tart and juicy in the center and a great side dish and for the daring they make a great addition to a burger or a roasted red pepper sandwich. We had a dinner from the garden last night with fried green tomatoes, freshly picked spinach and a radish, cucumber and red onion salad. There was a roasted  balsamic pork tenderloin but that didn't come from the garden.

I've got quite a few green Roma tomatoes that are begging to be green tomato relish or green tomato chutney but I am having trouble working up the spit to do it. It would be a shame to let them go to waste. Yeah, they will ripen but letting them ripen off the vine produces a rather bland tomato just like you get from the grocery.

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