Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lame Duck = Action Time

Go for broke is what I say.

People, especially the GOP, seem to be overlooking the fact that the Democrats are still in the majority in both houses and have the Presidency. Cantor and the rest are already giving orders and ultimatums but the fat lady ain't sung yet.

The Democrats don't have much to lose if they take some serious action in the lame duck session. They have the power to get rid of the filibuster rule and they should. It is the primary cause for most of our trouble right now with respect to the economy. If we hadn't had to appease the conservatives we might have actually gotten some real stimulus. The Democrats should forget bipartisan anything and just ramrod through what they want. Tax cuts the way they want them, DADT, the energy bill the house already passed, more stimulus, extend unemployment benefits, hell, even create a single payer health care or extend Medicare to all, whatever. While they are at it they should raise the debt ceiling as well to take that stick out of the GOP's hands in the new congress.

Kill the filibuster and get some stuff done now because it sure won't get done in the next congress. What's the downside? The Republicans will howl and sling socialist and Hitler around but what's new? Maybe it will push Limbaugh and Beck over the edge and we'll get a twofer.

I know, I know wishful thinking but it is fun to imagine the ruckus it would create.

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