Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well it is the day before and since Minimonk gave us a turkey which required a variance in the rules from Madam it looks like I will cook a bird tomorrow. It also means I have to do some of the traditional things like pumpkin pie and pecan pie(have you seen the price of pecans lately?). I am about to go get started on the early prep like baking cornbread for the dressing and cubing up some sourdough to dry out. I may bake pies tonight as well it... just depends on my mood. I worked Monday and Tuesday but don't have to go back until 10a on Friday. The job pretty much entails standing on your feet for 8 hours and it is going to take some getting used to. I appreciate the two days rest but I am going to blow some of it cooking.

UPS just arrived with my new Kindle. Just like Christmas early!

Everybody have a great holiday. If your are traveling, be safe. Give everyone in your family a big hug. Don't eat all the turkey in a single sitting because the whole reason to cook a turkey is for turkey sandwiches don't you know.

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