Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar

Off in  few to start the fifth day in a row at work. I still have two more in the stretch of seven in a row. Hard day yesterday...I thought most folks would take the day off and sit around the grill and drink all day. No, they were at Home Depot buying mulch, pine straw and Goddess knows what else...horrible busy. No break in the hot weather either and the forecast today is for 94 or so. Makes working in the garden center a huge party.

So tired yesterday when I got home at 730p that I put dinner in the oven and after a large martini fell asleep. Madam woke me to inform me that I had toasted dinner completely. Shame too, since part of it was our first Japanese eggplant of the season and some very expensive Reggiano. Cold cereal for dinner as a result.

Everyone enjoy the first day of a short work week and the 'unofficial' beginning of summer.

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