Monday, May 09, 2011

Momday, Monday

Finally Monday and I have a day off. Worked four straight long days and the weekend in the garden center. My store is located in East Cobb county and the area is very affluent which means the residents spend big on their yards in the spring. I had several customers check out yesterday with over $500 in bedding plants and mulch and stuff. There really doesn't seem to be much of a recession in that area, at least. Anyhow, working the garden center checkout on a nice spring weekend day means hoards of people and long lines and not a chance for a breath between customers. It also means a lot of bending and lifting and it leaves me pretty much exhausted. I work again tomorrow but have Wednesday and Thursday off so I may recover before I have to work the next weekend. The week after my hours have been cut drastically to only 3 days so it won't or shouldn't be nearly as quiet hereabouts.
Speaking of gardening that is where I am heading. Madam and I are dog sitting for Minimonk and we have Megan so I will have company in the garden today.

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