Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Jumped The Gun A Bit

I said a couple of posts ago that it looks like Mother Nature had decided to skip May and go right into June. It was an unbelievable 48F this morning here in Atlanta. I had to turn the switch from Air to Heat of all things. Got some much needed weeding done this morning but I actually had to bundle up a bit...very strange.

Anyhow, off to work at 345p which is a very strange shift. Only a little over 6 hours and it also means no lunch break. In recognition of the cool weather and the upcoming missed dinner I had a big bowl of chili with Fritos for lunch also known as "Frito Pie" though to be perfectly accurate a "Frito Pie" is when you open up a small bag of Fritos and have a couple of big spoons of chili added and you eat it out of the bag. Yes, the chili was from a can, but it was Trader Joe's low fat beef chili which is actually quite good for a canned product. I will get a couple of 15 minute breaks so I will have a granola bar and a banana to sustain me. The good news is I am scheduled for the garden register which means I will out in the fresh air and with the cool and overcast I don't expect it to be too busy. I worked the garden register on Sunday as well and it was a blowout. Throngs of people with loads of stuff. There were any number of customers that checked out with around a grand's worth of bedding plants, vege plants and assorted mulches and soils. Some serious spending went down.

Off to get dressed.

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