Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back To The Grind

I've had every other day off for the last few and it has been nice but I am starting back into a four day stretch today with an 1130a to 830p shift. Madam and I have gotten some good gardening in and are starting to get more out than we can eat. Having a bit of zucchini overload at the moment as well as eggplant. Only a couple of plum tomatoes so far but that flood isn't far off. Still brutally hot and no rain in sight other than a chance of a thunder shower today. It rumbled a bit and got a bit windy yesterday afternoon but nothing came of it. Unless we get a good drenching I am going to have to water again which is going to really slam the water bill. The city is also start adding a "strormwater utility fee" to our water bills next month which is supposed to be based on how much impervious surface you have on your property. I'll probably see another 4 bucks of charge. Oh well.

Off to make my lunch and get ready for work. Play nice.

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