Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Running Hard

Today is the last in six straight days of work. 12 to 9pm and I get a day off tomorrow. Did get some garden time in this morning. Picked lots of cukes, a dozen tomatoes, okra, eggplant and peppers. We even had the first corn from the garden last night for dinner. Nothing better than freshly picked corn on the cob especially with Irish butter and sea salt. The fourth of July holiday should bring and end to the full work weeks as shopping normally slows during the summer and staffing is reduced accordingly. I am only scheduled for 29 hours next week with a couple of half shifts. Probably a good thing as I am getting tired of 40 hour weeks and the garden is showing the neglect even though Madam is doing some good work out there.
Off to pack my lunch and head out.
Oh, and I did get my lab results back from the doctor and everything looks good A1C, lipids and all that. Did detect some micro albumin in the urine  which is not unusual in diabetics but something that might need to be dealt with by a specialist as it might indicate kidney issues or other subclinical things.

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