Friday, June 03, 2011


Finally a day off! Still had to get up and get out early for a haircut appointment but still a day off. I had asked my hairdresser to save me some hair and now I have a big bag of hair to spread around the garden in hopes of deterring deer. I do believe the Milorganite fertilizer has helped but I saw track this morning. It may be just an old farmer's tale about the hair but we will find out.
Speaking of the garden. We had our first okra last night for dinner. The old Southern classic fried okra and tomatoes. As I mentioned here earlier I burned the first aubergine(eggplant) but there is more to pick today and there are also zucchini and more okra so the onslaught of veges is about to begin in earnest. If I didn't insist on such things as real Irish butter(Kerry Gold), Parmigiano Reggiano, Kalamata olive oil, and drinking wine my grocery bills would drop to near zero due to the garden. Neither Madam nor I require meat and can make meal after meal with nothing but produce from the garden.
Since I have a whole two days off I am also going to have enough time to get a batch of sourdough bread done and the starter is just now coming back to life in the has been neglected for weeks and weeks and with the oven out for over two months I haven't made bread in like forever.
I am off to enjoy my day off. You guys play nice.

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