Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lazy Day

Finally a day off after four straight hard days. I had to go see the doctor this morning for my semiannual check and blood tests to check for all the "old man" things. No apparent problems but it will be a couple of days before the tests come back from the lab. I was almost home when the doctor's nurse called and said that I would have to come back and donate more urine to the cause since I didn't quite hit the mark. I go back in the morning and try again. I did get a shingles vaccine which the doctor recommended. Never had them but my brother had an awful attack this spring so I figured it couldn't hurt.
My best laid plans for a productive afternoon fell apart when I laid down for a minute and here it is five o'clock already. I never take a nap in the afternoon but I was obviously needing some rest. Another day off tomorrow so maybe I'll get some work done after all. We did get a "frog strangling" storm yesterday afternoon so the garden was really too wet to work in much and my "moat" did its job once again so no flooding. A few cukes, zukes, egg plant and okra harvested. Peppers are setting fruit and there are a few pink tomatoes which should be ready in a couple of days. No major infestations of pests so all is well.

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