Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going Fast

Finally some actual time off. The part time job took 37.5 hours last week and six straight days. Seriously thinking about losing it and taking the health insurance risk on myself. So anyway, had a dentist checkup yesterday and my first gym session in a week. I also actually got some yard and garden work done but as is obvious no blogging. The dentist discovered that I had a chipped front tooth and partially missing filling on same so this morning I had that fixed. I am off to the gym again in a bit and then some more yard work and garden stuff. Just about time to get some more stuff planted in seed trays. Tomatoes being the big item. All the peppers are doing nicely and are in the greenhouse as are the shallots, leeks and onions. All the winter stuff(arugula, spinach, lettuces are all in the compost to make room for summer stuff. If we don't get significant rain over the next few days it will be time to make the first till of the garden and get it limed. I should also get some potatoes and peas in the ground within the next week or so. Lots of work and not a lot of time.

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