Thursday, February 02, 2012

Oh Boy! The Seeds Have Come

My two largest seeds orders came yesterday whilst I was at work. A nice surprise to come home to. I'll do my duty and get an hour or so at the gym this morning since I have a day off but the rest of the day will be dedicated to getting the first seeds of the spring into their little containers. Peppers are the first phase since they will take about 8 weeks to be ready for the outside. Lots of peppers and some new varieties especially two new Italian heirloom sweet peppers and all the regulars as well. Also, I snagged some seed from Seed Savers for an heirloom red habanero to add to my traditional orange. Still a few weeks away from getting all the tomatoes started but I'm looking forward to some new heirlooms. Seed Savers offered a collection this year of all the tomatoes that have won their annual taste test over the last few years. Can't wait...I can almost feel the juice running down my chin! Cherokee Purple hasn't won the taste test and I am looking forward to trying a tomato that could taste better than a Cherokee fresh from the vine and still warm from the sun. Don't worry I will have Cherokee's in the garden as usual as well.

It is also time to get the onions started as well. This year I am going for class and will start cippollini from seed. They are very expensive in the market and they are a brilliant fresh onion and we won't even mention them roasted in olive oil. Of course, I will also start the leeks from seed as well and this year we will try the heirloom variety Lincoln. I still have probably a bushel or more of leeks from last years planting still in the garden. Rather too many than not enough.

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