Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tomatoes Are Go

My best intentions of getting some garden work done were frustrated by rain so I did the next best thing and started all of the tomatoes. A bunch of heirlooms I got from Seed Savers(all the varieties that have won the annual taste test over the last 8 years. Of course, there are Cherokee Purple as well and seeds from the heirlooms I have saved too. Main season tomato is going to be the hybrid "Celebrity" this year but I have also started some Rutgers(heirloom) as a back up and something to save the seeds from. For my paste tomato I usually plant "Margherita"  but this year I decided to go with "San Marzano" they are both heirloom varieties and we'll see how they do here in the South. I also started seed for a ground cherry called "Aunt Molly's", The are supposed to be native to the Eastern U.S. but I've never actually seen or tasted one but they get raves. They have a husk like a tomatillo but are supposed to be sweeter and juicier. Looking forward to trying those.

Still a few weeks away for the rest of the seed starting....melons and okra and cukes.

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