Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Program

I have been doing a lot of research on Type 2 diabetes and am convinced that all the medications I am taking(metformin, glimiperide, losartan, plus the statin) are probably not necessary if I can change my lifestyle just a little.
Sugar and "fast carbs" are the devils that I have to purge. I already do a lot of things sodas(even diet), eat mostly whole grains, lots of veges and legumes. I still have to deal with things like chips, crackers, etc.
Today I started on a program to eliminate every sugar and "fast carbs" from my diet for 10 days including all the "hidden sugars in processed foods(I don't really eat that many but some). All forms of sugar are out including artificial sweeteners. Today I had my one cup of coffee without Splenda and I eliminated it from my tea a while back. This also means I have to give up my Snapple Diet Green Tea which I love since it has both Splenda and sugar. Bummer. The other bummer is that I am going to have to cut way back on my wine which isn't going to make me happy.
The thing is I already am pretty careful about my food, no HFCS, minimal sugar etc. and I try and avoid processed foods and white flour. Not careful enough so now I have to become a fanatic. Hopefully in a couple of weeks my insulin and adrenaline will be back in balance and my pancreas all rested up from having to produce insulin in excess and we will see if this lifestyle change has an impact on the diabetes and the need for all the drugs for sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Everything I have read tells me I can lose these drugs with some changes to my life style. We shall see.
Did you know that today the average American consumes 170 pounds of sugar per year in all its forms compared to 100 years ago when the average consumption was 4 pound per year.
In a famous study with rats it was discovered that given the choice of cocaine or sugar the rats chose sugar and worked harder to get sugar than cocaine.
It is poison.

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