Tuesday, March 13, 2012


By my calendar it is officially Spring as I tilled the garden yesterday. I got two passes in and got most of the green manure turned under before it started to sprinkle. That should break down before planting gets into full swing in mid April. Rained all night and it is just beginning to clear up this morning. Since my outdoor endeavors are on hold I am going to plant some stuff. I'll get the okra and eggplant started today and maybe a little more. Going to try rest up a bit today after a couple of hard days. Going to the gym and then spending the  rest of the day in the garden is a lot. Since we are now on daylight time  I also have to gird myself for the earlier mornings and later nights. I don't start tomorrow until 8a but Thursday it is 545a..uhg!
There is some good news however....and that is my efforts to get transferred to the store nearest me (5 minutes) have finally borne fruit and I start there on the 26th...hooray.

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