Monday, March 26, 2012


I really, really need to keep reminding myself that it is just now spring and not yet time to go full tilt in the garden. We can still have some freezing weather between now and Easter so I need to hold off a bit longer. With the highs hitting the 70's everyday it is really hard to believe that Spring is fully sprung. I've got a day off but there is transplanting to do and more seeds to get started. I'm going to start the corn in trays again this year since I was so successful last year. Way late in getting basil and parsley started as well. I was going to get an early start today but when I picked up my glasses yesterday morning to put them on they just snapped in half so instead of gardening this morning I had to make a trip to the optician. It always something.
Minimonk dropped off the three dogs yesterday so we now have a houseful of canines to watch over as well. They are probably going to want to do something besides watch me transplant  tomato seedlings most of the day.

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