Sunday, April 15, 2012


Funny, as in weird, the new store is scheduling me as a garden associate a couple of days a week. I've always been just a cashier but now, even though I am still in the "cashier department" I am having to cross clock into the "garden department" every once in a while. No big deal and it is a nice change not to be tied to a register and be able to walk around and help customers with their garden questions. It isn't like I don't know anything about gardening as you sometimes find at such places. It is also surprising how little so many people know about the basics of gardening and plant care. You get questions about fertilizing beans and their faces go blank when you explain how legumes fix their own nitrogen. I am off in a few minutes for another day as a "garden associate" and we'll see what we can do to help the world stay a little greener. It is a quandary though when people ask me about pesticides and such...yes they will kill the bugs but at what price to your kids, pets, neighbors and planet? I try and give them some options.

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