Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day

It is Earth Day tomorrow and more than ever we need to recognize the important relationship we all have with our Mother. We cannot continue to ignore her needs lest she begin to ignore ours. We are of her and her health and well being are ours. To challenge this truth is insanity. Thanks to Hecate for the poem.

May the blessing of Sunlight fall upon you!
May its warmth embrace you like a great
hearth-fire, and nourish your green growing things.
And may its heat not exceed proper measure!

May the blessing of rain wash over you!
May its sweet waters run through
your streams and rivers and render
them fair and clear once again.
May they find their way to your
seas, your deep seas where the blue
of heaven shines, and may your seas
teem again with fish of every kind.
And may your seas not exceed proper measure!

May your old forests rise again, that
the council of the growing things be
heard in the land.
May we remember each and all living
things have a place in the order.
And may we not let our portion, the
human being portion, exceed our own
proper measure!

~Michael Green

It's Earth Day and you need to figure out how you can be a blessing to Mother Earth. You need to concentrate on how you can leave Her healthier than you found Her. It doesn't take much. Recycle, compost bin, vegetable garden, leaving off with insecticides, whatever. Small things add up.

For those of you not aware. The above poem is a powerful spell and you should each read it out loud and with an emotional commitment to its truth and power.  If enough of us make the emotional investment in the ideas expressed it will shift the force just that much further toward the positive.

Blessed be!

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