Friday, April 27, 2012

Home Stretch

Nice surprise the... PTB cancelled my shift for today which means that I will have a third day off in a row and I should get the final tasks in the garden completed with time to spare. Pretty much everything is planted. All the tomatoes are caged and/or staked and the peppers as well. Today will be mulching and other finalizing chores. They also cut my shift on Tuesday in half so I have actually had three and a half days it show in the progress. Everything looks nice right now but soon the battle of the weeds begins but on the plus side it is also that much closer to reaping the bounty. Really looking forward to all the new heirloom tomatoes and the new peppers. I have again planted too many of everything but I can't help myself.  I
I'll try and get a picture this afternoon if I remember to show off the handiwork.

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