Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I just want to echo Bobby's post at BBWW re: Romney's effect. If Romney pulls out a win in November it will also probably mean that he will have both house of Congress at his back at will. For those of you that, for whatever NOBLE reason, think that withholding your vote for President Obama will somehow allow you to mark your protest of the fact that President Obama has turned out not to be the Second Coming or whatever...think again.
With a GOP congress and Romney at the helm we will be in for a nightmare. Cuts to Medicaid, Social Security, decreased spending on the safety net, increased spending for defense, complete abandonment of environmental laws and wise energy policy. Increased flow of the nation's wealth to the 1% and a complete abandonment of the less fortunate. Everything we progressives hate most will be the plan. If you can't see the positive potential of keeping the GOP at bay even with the evidence of the Ryan budget and the last 3 plus years of dysfunctional government staring you in the face you are at best delusional. Protest, write letters, blog your dissatisfaction, wear your hair shirt anyway you like but make the only semi-rational decision and do your best to see that we don't become a nation where the idiots in the current GOP are running the show.
I know President Obama has not my or your expectations but I also understand a lot of the reasons why. The reality of GOP governance has me scared juice less and if Bugs Bunny were my only choice over Romney that is where my vote would be.

To reiterate what Bobby said....If you don't vote for Obama over Romney or you withhold your vote for Obama out of protest for not getting whatever "pony" you were expecting, you will be doing exactly as Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, Norquist and all the other wealthy white old guys want.  Of course they want you to vote against your own self interest and vote for Romney but if they can get you to not vote for Obama it will be at least a half a loaf and they will win, just with not as large a margin. Think about you really want to do what Karl Rove wants.

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