Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Only A Secret To Republicans

The Mittster broke an unwritten rule yesterday when he praised Israel's high quality, low cost health care system. He bemoaned that fact that Israel's health care costs are only 8 percent of GDP while the U.S. is 18% of GDP. If you are a Republican you aren't supposed to praise such things since it might dawn on people that the secret to such high quality, low cost health care is very heavy government control. This is true in every country with good, low cost health care. It is always run or heavily controlled by the government.
Of course, such government interference in health care delivery in the U.S. would lead to a loss of freedom and stifle free enterprise.
There was also no mention of the fact that in spite of such a low cost relative to GDP everybody is required to have insurance. We can't have that here since it would allow all the lazy sponges and proles to have insurance and it is the American way to have 40 million uninsured.

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