Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not The Greatest

LeftLeaningLady has a video posted which is worth the 3 and a half minutes it takes to watch. It's from from the new HBO series called "Newsroom." It's from the same guy who did "West Wing" Jed Bartlett.


justb said...

That is one of the best clips I have seen - could it be - dare we hope - that the truth can still be spoken even if only in a fictional way? Thank you fm

LeftLeaningLady said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I am going to start tuning in to this show. I DVRed one last night, but I should have the TV to myself tonight to watch at least the first episode on On Demand! Glad I let my darling husband talk me into keeping HBO when we were slashing the cable bill a couple of months ago!

Me said...

this is why I cancelled HBO