Friday, August 03, 2012

About Time

Out of the clear blue I got a call from an aerospace company here in Atlanta wondering if I was still looking for a job and that I was referred by someone as being possibly interesting in an opening. I interviewed today and it went well. The issue will be the commute to College Park (35 miles straight through Atlanta and south of the airport a bit. A brutal commute. If they offer me enough money to come out of my "semi retirement" the commute will be the sticking point as I am not sure that losing, at minimum, two hours of my day sitting in Atlanta traffic is even something I want to consider.

We'll see. It turns out it was the EVP of Operations at my old company that gave them my name and I have already sent him a thank you. 100's of resumes sent, every job site in the world and I finally get an interview because of a referral. Networks are very good things.


karmanot said...

 Great news----good luck! Hired vibs you way old friend!

Steve Bates said...

FWIW, I once turned down a contract-to-hire position with Compaq for similar reasons: Compaq was only in the most tenuous sense "in Houston," and the commute involved at least two "freeways from Hell." I had some regrets when I turned it down. I had fewer regrets several years later when Compaq bit the dust.

I hope this one works out for you, go or no-go. Trust your own judgment, Fallenmonk.