Friday, August 10, 2012

The Downside

The downside of losing a lot of weight is the wardrobe. I took advantage of the no sales tax holiday here in Georgia today but it was still a major hit to the budget. Two suits, 3 pairs of Levis, assorted shirts and a few casual trousers. Madam made me go through my closets and the net was pretty much a disaster. No suits fit, no pants fit, no sport coats fit, nothing fit. Mens's Warehouse did fine on the one get the second for $100 plus the suits were on sale. Kohls's did good on the Levis and I saved a bunch with Madam's 30% coupon and the Levis were on offer for 20$ off. Regardless,  I figure the 50 pounds  I've managed to lose(or redistribute) have cost me a couple of grand so far.

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