Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Definition of Insane

I haven't weighed in on the creep from Misery "legitimate rape" brouhaha but I would add that this brings us to another viable definition of insanity....If you have a vagina and vote Republican you are insane.

The thing is that while you may not have any concerns about rape or unwanted pregnancy and maybe you would never even consider an abortion for yourself...and that's fine. However, the GOP has now added a plank to their platform that would eliminate the option of an abortion even in the case of rape or incest and even to the possibility of sacrificing a woman's life rather than end a pregnancy. I personally believe that abortion should be a last resort but by the same token it is not my decision to make and not the government's either. It is a woman's choice and decision between her, her physician and possibly the father. No one else should have a say and it is woman who has the final say. End of discussion.

So, while you may not have a direct interest in whether abortion is a woman's choice or not there are millions of women who will be negatively affected if this extreme position taken by the GOP is enabled and you will be indirectly affected whether you like it or not because the GOP has just taken away a huge piece of your personal freedom and that's the freedom to determine what happens to your body and life.


karmanot said...

Couldn't agree more with you FM. Nobody, really sanctions abortion, but reality demonstrates cases of personal choice and is legal by federal law! Insanity does now reign, roaming free like a devouring beast. The right to life folks have no problem championing the fetus, but once born would deny the child, food security, housing security, the right to an education, and a living wage as an adult. Republicans and their enablers in the Democratic Party are grave threats to democracy and to call a spade a spade----fascists, bent on reducing We The People to a dystopian ruin.

Steve Bates said...

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