Monday, August 13, 2012


Worked all weekend but the weather was very nice and I was out in the garden center so overall not too bad. Been to the gym this morning and after a bit of guitar practice and a French lesson I will go out an mow the very long grass. I bought two Pimsleur language courses from Amazon. One to brush up on my French which is very degraded and Latin American Spanish so I may be able to understand a little of what so many of the customers speak at Home Depot. Also there is a large Hispanic population here in Roswell and it would be nice to at least say hello and whatever. I've only just started the French but I like the progress so far and I think the methodology of the Pimsleur course is the best I've come across.

On the down side I have a jury summons for tomorrow but I am on the standby list and will call tonight to find out if I actually have to appear. I really don't mind the usually wasted day sitting around the Fulton county courthouse but the early morning trip downtown to appear at 8a is a real PIA. I've got my Nexus 7 and Ipod all charged(yeah I know I can put the music on the Nexus but I just haven't gotten round to it.) so I will have plenty to keep me occupied. I don't remember if the courthouse has wireless but it sure would be nice.

 I also don't think I mentioned that I upgraded my phone from the HTC Inspire to the new HTC One X. I was seriously considering the new Samsung Galaxy III S but after comparing specs and actually holding and playing with both the HTC user interface (Sense) won out. They both have the same Snapdragon Quad processor and Android version(Ice Cream Sandwich) and a lot of the same features such as NFC and Bluetooth etc. I also like the construction and appearance of the HTC over the Samsung. So far I am more than happy with the choice ( and yes I also know I can put the music on the phone as well). It didn't hurt that the list on the phone is in the $500 range but AT&T was offering it for $99 with a contract.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Due to the fact that I have short/stubby fingers, I keep fake nails on my hands. So any smartphone I have MUST possess a physical keyboard. I am due for an upgrade in December and will probably just get another Droid.

How is that Nexus 7? My husband's laptop has some kind of virus or spyware on it and I will reload the OS tonight, but I was wondering if he wanted to buy himself a tablet?

karmanot said...

My finger tips are too wide for these gadgets. But, I try, usually getting someone on the other end from Bombay speaking colloquial American English and reading from a manual.

fallenmonk said...

 The Nexus is great and I would recommend it for your basic web stuff. You can't beat the price and it is full of nifty stuff.

fallenmonk said...

 I admit to advanced geekiness and just had to have the latest gadget especially when it was priced so low. I have some problems with fat fingerness as well but the cool thing about the HTC android devices is that they understand speech when connected to the web. They actually do a pretty good job of getting the jist of what you are saying and acting appropriately. I can tell it to remind me of things or set an appointment all with just a few words.