Friday, July 13, 2012

Stormy Weather

After 4 nights of 'frog strangling"  rain and more rain today the garden is suffering mightily. The deluge overran my ditch along the garden and thus flooded into the garden...a bunch of peppers and tomatoes down. It is still raining off and on and way too wet to do anything but stew about it. It is very disheartening to see so much work washed away in such a short time.
In frustration I'm baking bread, making a big batch of meatballs and a peach tart. I am dehydrating plum tomatoes and shelling Hutterite beans as well so I am doing something constructive. I am also considering adult beverages and it is only 3p. It is Friday the 13th so there is something to celebrate...oh, and I did what I always do on this day...bought a lottery ticket.


copier supplies said...

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Steve Bates said...

We had one afternoon of flooding rain, hours on end, which left a "lake" in our back yard, the deepest I've ever seen it on this property. Our record of no floodwaters indoors is intact, but only barely. More rain is repeatedly forecast, but we have seen nothing nearly that bad since that day (it may have been the 13th).

I am sorry to hear of your garden losses. At least in this day and age the demise of your peppers and tomatoes doesn't mean that you starve, but it is heartbreaking to put so much work into something and then lose it. I hope the rest of the summer treats you better.

(I hope that is a better message than the copier supplies spam it follows...)

fallenmonk said...

 Thanks, not a total loss...just a lot of damage. Lots of the tomatoes have split due to the excess water which pretty much ruins them and quite a few peppers have fallen over. When they are loaded with fruit the combination of fruit plus wet leaves and soft ground makes them topple. I can rectify some of it. The big issue is weeds which just burst from the ground with this much moisture. Lots of work.