Saturday, July 07, 2012

Nothing Much

I hope everyone is having a nice Saturday. Me? I get to work from noon to 8pm and I am scheduled for the garden center. Not supposed to be as hot today as yesterday but still above 95F is going to make for a hot and sweaty afternoon. Hopefully, there aren't too many crazy people striving to do yard work this afternoon and it won't be too crazy busy.
Just checked on my little nest amongst the tomatoes and the two eggs have hatched and two little cardinals are apparently doing ok. Mom was on the nest when I checked so they haven't been abandoned.
Garden is struggling a bit with the heat. The cukes have given up and the corn is finished. A few squash still to come and there are scads of peppers and tomatoes. The birds are laying waste to a lot of tomatoes but that is one of the advantages of planting extra...I can afford to share. The chipmunks have apparently taken a shine to the Jimmy Nardello sweet Italian peppers and taking the ends off a few...but again I have extra. Except for the 6a - 8a store meeting tomorrow I have Sunday off so maybe I will get some cleaning up done. Get the corn stalks chopped and in the composter and pull all the cuke vines. I haven't decided that the weather(heat and drought) are going to allow for a second crop but I may give it a try....just a buck's worth of seed and a little work so I may go for it. I did finally get something planted in the empty bed where we harvested potatoes and that was butternut squash. I still have some huge squash left over from last year but I can always take the surplus, if any, to the local food pantry. It also looks like I will have to harvest the first planting of the Hutterite Soup beans....lots of dry, filled pods... who knows it might even precipitate a pot of fresh bean soup. I have that nice hunk of Tasso Ham that I got from the Riverview Farm truck the other week,  plenty of peppers and freshly harvested cippolini onions and shallots so there is nothing to do but whomp it up.
Everyone have a nice weekend.

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