Monday, November 05, 2012

Almost Over

Well, I missed the early voting here in my county mainly because the lone voting place offered is very inconvenient and the last time Madam and I voted early it was a very painful process that required hours and hours. My actual polling place is just around the corner and if it weren't for the trees I could see it and there is actually a polling place next door but mine is 500 yards further. I'll get there for the opening and hopefully get out quickly as I have to be at work at noon.

No surprises when it comes to my choices though I am excited to vote against the Mittster and even more so against Tom Price. Voting here in the deeply red state of Georgia is frustrating but I persevere. It does make one feel, somehow, a bit proud to know you are probably the only one in line at the polls to be voting for Obama and against Price.

If you, as I, haven't voted yet please go out and vote for Obama and against the GOP slimeball in your local district.

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