Monday, November 19, 2012

Still The Tour Guide

Between work days we are still hosting our friends from the UK. Yesterday was a matinee at the local theater of a Taffeta Christmas and then dinner at a newish restaurant here in Roswell, Table and Main. Very good meal but a little pricey. Couple of hundred clams for the four of us.

Today was a trek to Sweet Water Creek State Park for a hike along the trails to the ruins of the old Manchester Cotton Mill. About 3 and a half miles through the woods and along the rocky creek bank. Slightly overcast but shirtsleeve weather and a very nice walk. The Manchester Mill was burned, as was the Roswell Mill here in town, by Union troops as they captured Atlanta. Sherman wanted all such infrastructure destroyed. All the workers from here and there were put on trains and sent to Kentucky for the duration of the war with most never returning.

Tonight is steak on the grill night and tomorrow and the next day I have to work full shifts.Then, of course, is the traditional festival of gluttony known as Thanksgiving which I will do with all the standard stuff. Kosher brined turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, etc. etc. and don't forget the pumpkin pies.

Everyone have a great holiday if I don't get back to you here. One good thing is I don't have to work on Black Friday! Thanks Goddess!


karmanot said...

Brine Turkey is so good! Trace is making an orange, walnut, orange cranberry compote ( my favorite). Happy Thanksgiving FM and Madam. And yes, much to be grateful for---especially being safe and sound at home escaping black Friday.

Steve Bates said...

May you and yours have the best T-day possible, Fallenmonk!

Jillian J said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :-)