Friday, November 09, 2012

Creeping Socialism

It is absolutely hilarious to read about all these people that are so upset about the reelection of our Kenyan, socialist, Muslim president that they are threatening to move to Canada or Australia. Boy are they going to be in for a shock if they ever grow enough to actually do it.


karmanot said...

The perfect retort for those 'socialism' bitching types is tell them to do the right moral thing then: stop taking their Social Security and Medicare 'entitlements,' or agricultural welfare payments for the farm. or subsidizing Home Depot and Wal*Mart at local taxpayer's expense.... etc.... Don't say that at work of course..:)

fallenmonk said...

Oh I know better that. When I overhear all the ranting in the break room over the election I just put on my best Buddhist smile and move along.