Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Not Too Bad

Madam and I were at the polls before they opened but so were a lot of other people. Still it only took a little over an hour to get it done. The big snag was getting your ID verified before issuing a ballot. There were always a few free machines available but the line for verification snaked all around. Best guess was that 75% of the time to vote was spent getting verified.

Cold and rainy here in the Northern Atlanta burbs today but it doesn't appear to be stopping people from getting out. Beside my vote for The President and against Tom Price I voted no on Amendment 1 which would create a state commission to create charter schools. The millions of dollars of outside money that poured into the state to support it was enough for me to be against it. To spend that kind of money means somebody thinks that they will make a lot more if they can water down the public education system with charter schools.

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