Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exception Stars

Went outside tonight before heading to bed. There were stars. Very unusual for living in a metro area as the city lights usually drown the starlight and only a couple of stars are visible even on the clearest night. The recent winds and storms seemed to have cleansed everything and the night sky is clear and bright. Orion's belt is directly overhead and you can clearly see all the constellation. What's more the owls are having a conflab and standing on the deck staring at the stars with the back and forth of the owls chatting each other up means a magical night. If the temperature wasn't dropping so fast I would still be out there listening to the hoots under the stars. I'll have pleasant dreams.

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Steve Bates said...


I was disappointed that both times I visited City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, I could see only... you guessed it... city lights. I enjoyed the book-browsing anyway. Ferlinghetti wasn't there that day, but his spirit very much was... may he live forever!