Monday, January 07, 2013

Online Backup Headaches

Been working a lot lately and a lot of late nights. Seems like I am constantly not having enough time to get everything I need to do done. One of the things that have gone wanting is keeping my desktop backed up like I should and I thought maybe having an automated online backup would be the answer. I tried to enable Dell's online Datasafe product but it failed twice during the last phase of the install so I gave up  and thought maybe I need to find another product. When I got my Chase bill (for the card I use for online purchases) I find I was charged twice for the Datasafe product ($39) but I still don't have online backup.
Big mistake....I call Dell customer support. Obviously to some poor sap in India (Bangalore?) who then proceeded to pass me around to others who all apologized profusely but couldn't help. They finally passed me to customer care who then proceeded to tell me effectively...too bad we don't have a record of the charges bye out of luck...thanks for choosing Dell. That all took an hour and a half.
I then thought to actually go to the Chase site and see if there was a telephone number associated with the two charges...there was but it is either disconnected or changed. I then proceeded to go through process of disputing the charges with Chase. What a pain in the tush!

Can anyone recommend a good online backup provider other than Dell? I already us Quicken to backup my financial stuff but there is more I should be backing up.

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Ruby Badcoe said...

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