Saturday, January 19, 2013

Noisy Damn Place

My old hearing aids died a while back(well only the left one) and I finally broke down and got new ones yesterday (there is more than one meaning to broke as they are expensive). I previously had in the ear and now I have behind the ear which seem to be a bit more comfortable. Since I hadn't been wearing aids for a while I had forgotten how noisy the place is. Nearly every step incites a squeak from the floor. Cellophane is a nightmare as is getting a skillet out of the cupboard.
It is also amazing how much technology is in such a tiny device. The new aids are programmable with a small remote in addition to the tiny buttons on the device and with a tiny interface device completely Bluetooth capable so I can use my phone, ipod whatever completely hands free. How cool is that?
It will take a while to get used to using the things again but I should be good in a few days. This afternoon will be my first experience at work with the new devices and I'll have to experiment with the preset programs to see which makes the din bearable.

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