Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life and Coffee

A day off. It's cold but sunny and the urge for a pot roast hit me. It's in the oven braising now and it is almost time for the veges. Just getting caught up on stuff. The new lenses for my glasses came in and I just got back from having those put in my frames. Very nice to be able to see without the haze of scratches caused by yours truly useing Kleenex to clean them. Not very smart.

Also got my permanent hearing aids today too, as I was just using temporary(demo) ones. Pretty amazing little tiny computers they are. Multiple programs for different environments. I only have four set up now (everyday, outdoor, restaurant and work) but I'll better know my needs in a few weeks. Bought the Bluetooth interface so I'll be able to use the phone hands free and maybe even the iPod and Nexus as well. The little interface supports up to 8 devices so I could even get the GPS hooked in. I also have a pocket controller where I can adjust volume and program without having to use the tiny switches on the aids. Cool. Another cool thing is that they talk to each other. I change the program on one and it will notify the other to change as well. Same with volume.

Impressed with the POTUS speech yesterday and we'll just see how much things change. Still it could be Rmoney there so I'm pretty ok with it all.

It's 5pm and time for the veges to go in the pot and there is wine to drink....later peeps.

Oh! I almost forgot...I have a new coffee maker called the Aerobie AeroPress. I'm kind of a coffee snob and have been using a French press for my morning Joe for years. This new gadget is simple but it makes the best coffee I've ever tasted with none of the debris in the bottom of the cup that you get with the press. It's also very fast and a super easy clean up. I can't think of when I have been more satisfied with something. I very rarely find something like this that I can recommend without reservations. If you love a could cup whether it be espresso or cafe Americano then this gadget is a must have.

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