Monday, March 03, 2014

Weather Woes

More weather woes but at least not snow and ice...just cold. It was 70 and sunny  yesterday but rainy and 45 today and we are supposed to tickle freezing again tonight and tomorrow night. I've got the hardy stuff in the greenhouse that has already germinated but everything else is just peeked out and is way too tender for the cool greenhouse. I am, however, maxed out on space in the basement. Not room for one more tray and way overloaded when it comes to lights. Just going to have to wait until stuff germinates and can be moved before I start any more.

Reading Julia Child's biography "Dearie" and enjoying it immensely. It actually got me to cook a roast chicken the other night and I am resisting a souffle. Sorry to say I used Thomas Keller's method on the chicken (450F and just salt and pepper/no butter just olive oil) instead of Julia's slower wetter and buttery method. I think the high heat short roast makes a better chicken.

Wednesday I see the surgeon again and try and get off the binnacle list. Fingers crossed.

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fallenmonk said...

Here is the link for the recipe.
you can simply google "roast chicken" and this will be the third or fourth entry. I can certify that it is good and I cooked my 3 1/2 pounder 50 minutes. You will get a little smoke with such a hot oven but not too bad.