Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baby Steps

As you can see I took the final step with the new blogger today and updated my template so that the new design tools are avialable. I think I have most of the stuff that was there in the old blog back only in a somewhat different place. Still a little clean up to do.

Couple of things I need to figure out about the HTML though and thought one of you more experienced code hacks could help.

One, I would like to have external links open in a new window like they do on many blogs. I think that will help with navigation.

Two, I would like my quoted things to be isolated in a box instead of just indented.

Three, anything else you think I need.

Four, I think the sidebar is too wide and should shrink a bit and allow more room for posts. Maybe I could use a bigger font for the posts then as well.

While I try and figure this stuff out, if any of you wizards (male or female) can give me some guidance it would help. You would think that someone who makes his living working with and implementing web based solutions would be a little more savvy with HTML. I think we are getting into old dog territory with some of this stuff.

BTW any suggestions on improvements to the template are always welcome.

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