Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Let God Sort Them Out?

Is anyone else concerned about the reports coming out of Somalia that U.S. gunships are taking out whole Somali villages in an effort to kill one or 'suspected' Al Qeada guys. The articles I have read are very unclear with respect to the intelligence and are constantly saying things like 'possible' and 'may'. Have we become so hardened to collateral deaths that we feel justified in the GWOT to kill dozens of innocents in order to possibly get a suspected Al Qaeda. I hope this is not true.

I can clearly remember the same devolution in morals that justified, in the minds of some our soldiers, the justification to take out an entire Vietnamese village including the women and children in our desperate hunt for a few Viet Cong.

Trust me if you have ever seen one of these gunships in action there is no avoiding collateral damage. They can level a forest in just a few minutes and when they are used against something like a village there is no escape for anyone. They are a highly effective weapon against people and things on the ground.

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