Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keeps On Ticking

Updated below:

The clock is still ticking on the 100 hours and while the 'escalation' hoorah has everybody's attention the Dems are charging ahead. The minimum wage bill is currently the target and while it looks like there are no problems in the House in passing a clean bill the Senate appears to be a different story. Rethuglicans, as is their wont, want to tack on tax breaks for small business and are threatening a filibuster if they don't get them.
Kennedy and Baucus are trying to push a clean bill through but they will need some serious help from some Republicans to do so. Even these two powerful committee chairs probably cannot hold off a filibuster.

My recommendation is to force an up or down vote and make the Republicans go on record as being opposed to to economic survival for thousands and thousands of their constituents. This is no time to pussy foot around. It is hard ball time.

Info: Here is a good summary at Media Matters on the myths of the minimum wage.

Jonathan Singer at MyDD has more on the latest developments. (And he agrees we should force the Repugs on to the record)

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