Friday, January 05, 2007

Early in the Office

Gave up on Charter even though they promised me a tech first thing. Madam is home this morning and she can handle them. They did apologize and credited me $20 on my next bill. That will cover exactly 1% of my daily billable rate that I will not be able to bill because I couldn't work.
Anyhow, an early run to the office ahead of most traffic and I am all set in a borrowed cube again. So until the owner shows up (she is a traveler like me so I might luck out) I am set to get to work. If she shows then it wandering around trying to find another place to land. You would think that a Senior Director in a company could find a place. Whatever.
Thanks for the encouragement whilst I was incommunicado and we'll keep our fingers crossed that I am not facing an entire weekend without connectivity. Crikey!

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