Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to Work

Ok, it's back to work today after a nice long break. Kinda hard getting started this morning and the work on my plate is the tedious data analysis stuff that is really tough to stick to. Not only is the data tedious it is huge and I am unable to use Excel with its limit of 650,000 or so rows which means I am having to do it in Access. Bummer. It's a living.

Added Betty Cracker and Brilliant at Breakfast to the Blogroll this morning. If you haven't read Brilliant's top 20 of 2006 you should stop by. Betty is all fired up and ready to rock 2007 so we'll help where we can. Unfortunately, I had to remove the brilliant Billmon from the roll as he has taken his site down...too bad, it was always a worthwhile visit. He is going to be missed.

Everybody get cooking this morning...it is a New Year and there are things to do. We'll post something material a little later once we actually get some bread winning done.

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