Friday, January 19, 2007

Quieter for a Bit

Some of my alligators from the last few days are now safely asleep in what is left of the swamp. As you can see I actually had some time to post a few things. A little more normal.

Jane Hamsher got through her surgery without a hitch as far as is being reported which is great news. Go Jane! She will probably be in Washington at the Libby trial be the end of next week if she runs true to form.

Out friends from the U.K. arrive this evening for a short stay (6 days I think) so it is entertaining time and which also may cut into the blogging time as well. It is always a challenge when they visit as she is a complete vegetarian including no milk or cheese and he is vegan except that he eats fish. They have been friends for years and years but I always am scratching my head when I have to feed them for a week. Madam was a vegetarian for a couple of years so I am no stranger to it and we eat vegetarian meals regularly but entertaining for a week without some of my carnivore standbys is a challenge.

Tonight I think I have settled on grilled portabella mushroom caps on a nice bed of green lentils with carmelized shallots. The lentils will have been kicked up with a little garlic, dijon mustard and white wine so it should be nice. This is actually a vege take on a dish I fell in love with in Lyon. There, instead of the portabella cap, would be a nice slice of slow roasted pork that has been quickly browned on both sides. I have tried to reproduce the dish here in the States but our pork is too lean and doesn't respond well to this method. C'est la vie!

I will report on the success of the new dish. Never know until you try, right?

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