Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Weekend of Summer

Here we are on the first weekend of summer. Gorgeous but dry, dry, dry here in North Georgia. It was 68 this morning at sunrise but it is already 10 degrees warmer at 10 o'clock and we'll probably see 90 today.

Already been to the farmer's market this morning and there were more farmers this morning that there have been. Still some nice cabbage and beets to be had. The yellow squash, cukes and zucchini are coming on strong and are really nice. Raspberries and blackberries were too good looking to pass up. Could be a blackberry cobbler in the offing today. Local tomatoes are showing up...especially cherry tomatoes and the early girls. The lady from Hanson farms was there with more of the little sun gold cherry tomatoes...they should be illegal. Best thing you ever tasted.

Madam Monk is out with the Hysterical Society surveying another old cemetery this morning and I am about to step out for my walk before it gets much hotter. Then I have to tie up my tomatoes. They seem to be enjoying the composted cow manure they got side dressed with last weekend. I have also noted that the sun flower seeds the chipmunks like to bury in the soft garden soil have sprouted nicely so a little work is due there as well. We'll check back in here later when it is too hot to be outside and all the chores are done.

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