Sunday, June 03, 2007

Picking Up Speed

In an article today in the Independent we get some not so very good news with respect to the environment and it comes from our own U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

Global warming is accelerating three times more quickly than feared, a series of startling, authoritative studies has revealed.

They have found that emissions of carbon dioxide have been rising at thrice the rate in the 1990s. The Arctic ice cap is melting three times as fast - and the seas are rising twice as rapidly - as had been predicted.

News of the studies - which are bound to lead to calls for even tougher anti-pollution measures than have yet been contemplated - comes as the leaders of the world's most powerful nations prepare for the most crucial meeting yet on tackling climate change.

The issue will be top of the agenda of the G8 summit which opens in the German Baltic resort of Heiligendamm on Wednesday, placing unprecedented pressure on President George Bush finally to agree to international measures.


The study, published by the US National Academy of Sciences, shows that carbon dioxide emissions have been increasing by about 3 per cent a year during this decade, compared with 1.1 per cent a year in the 1990s.

It is time for the rest of the world leaders to tell Bush to quit trying to delay and obfuscate the issue of Global Warming and get the U.S. taking the hard actions that are going to be necessary to get us an even chance of surviving this.

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