Monday, June 18, 2007

FUBAR and Getting Worse Daily

The latest news from Afghanistan yesterday and today is horrifying. It's beginning to look like Iraq all over again. We've had warnings and most of us have known that Afghanistan was going south for a year or more. We haven't done the job there and the troops and other resources that should have been in Afghanistan have been wasted in Iraq. We have been ignoring it while playing whack-a-mole in the growing disaster in Iraq. Now we have two disasters and one guaranteed defeat while the other slips rapidly towards the defeat side. This is a perfect example of stupidity and synergy. The big unnecessary mess in Iraq, is feeding the other mess, Afghanistan. The Taliban and their friends are using techniques that they have seen perfected in Iraq, like car bombs and IEDs against the NATO forces in Afghanistan. We have have done a truly expert job of training an entirely new generation of terrorists in state-of-the-art murder and chaos. I guess that is one "accomplishment" Bush and Cheney can point to.

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